Author: Michael Robertson
This is an E-Book
Published: June 2013
Genre: Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction
Rating: 4/5

**Disclaimer: This book contains very dark material and may be upsetting**

Not what I was expecting at all. A great dystopian that had a lot of dark stuff I haven’t seen in a dystopian book before. A little unsettling, but I want to read the next one. 

Chris was a white collar banker living a lavish life with his wife and children. He had a set of twins, Matilda and Michael that attended the local private school while Chris worked and his wife was a stay at home mom. That was, until the economy collapsed. An uprising occurred and all of those that had contributed to the economic downturn (i.e. bankers) were being killed off one by one by those in the lower classes. 

The story takes place inside Chris’s home as a group of looters ransacks the cul-de-sac he lives in. Chris and Michael are the only ones left at this point and it is basically a waiting game to see what the looters will do to their neighbors and eventually, to them. 

A very dark book that I really enjoyed.