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Book Review: Elderwood Manor

Elderwood Manor

Author: Christopher Fulbright & Angeline Hawkes
This is an e-book
 (Expected) July 15, 2014
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal
Rating: 4/5

A very creepy read that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Bruce and his son Cody return to Bruce’s childhood home after receiving a call from his dying mother asking him to come. Bruce has lost his wife to cancer, recently lost his job, and is facing eviction. As an act of desperation he returns to the home that brings with it many tortured memories of a mother that despised him and tales of horror that his father shared with him regarding the history of the manor. 

Bruce and Cody are forced to stay the night in the manor due to a raging ice storm. As the night progresses they confront the horrors that lay inside.

This is a fast paced and highly enjoyable horror novella that provides just enough of a hair-raising edge to make you feel uncomfortable the entire time you read it.


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