May 2014 Book Reviews

Book Review: Gone Girl


Author: Gillian Flynn
Pages: 419
Published: June 5, 2012
Genre: Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
Rating: 5/5

So I wasn’t sure what this book was about when I first bought it, but I have heard of this author for a while now and decided to check it out. 

Basically this book was fantastic! I absolutely loved the story and could not read it fast enough. 

The book is an excellent “murder” mystery that keeps you guessing for almost 2/3 of the book. When, at the end, everything wraps up, I was left with my mouth hanging open and a general feeling of “wtf did I just read and why did I wait so long to read this book?”

I enjoyed the crap out of this and highly recommend it

This tells the story of Amy and Nick’s utterly screwed up marriage. The story begins with Nick realizing that Amy is missing. For the rest of the novel you are told both Nick and Amy’s innermost secrets regarding their marriage and everything that has gone wrong with it. Nick goes to extreme measures to get Amy back, only to find out that her disappearance is no accident.

I was blown away by this book. It’s been a long time since a book has been able to make me feel so confused and excited at the same time. There were so many plot points that I didn’t see coming and I loved every second of it!

They are also making a movie out of this book!


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