Kids Books · May 2014 Book Reviews

Book Review: Northwood


Author: Brian Falkner (Illustrated by Donovan Bixley)
Pages: 282
Published: August 1, 2011
Genre: Childrens (Middle Grade), Fantasy, Adventure
Rating: 5/5

A kids book with enough adventure and tension to make anyone enjoy it.

Cecilia Undergarment grew up in a balloon house. Not an actual balloon, but a house shaped like a balloon. She also had a secret; she can talk to animals. (Very Eliza Thornberry, I know). One day she was playing in the attic when she heard a dog barking wildly. She couldn’t tell what the dog was saying (she has to be able to look at the face of the animals she talks to in order to understand them), but she could tell this dog was upset. The dog belonged to Mr. Procter her next door neighbor. Mr. Procter used to be super nice, but then he opened up Proctermart and become a mean selfish man. The dog, Rocky, was telling Cecilia that he hadn’t been fed properly. See, Rocky belong to Mr. Procter’s wife but she had disappeared along with their daughter a while ago. Mr. Procter never really cared for the dog, so he wasn’t taking the time to feed him.

Cecilia was very upset by this and came up with a plan to save Rocky which only angered Mr. Procter into attacking her house with a bulldozer. Cecilia had taken Rocky and the two of them were playing in the attic while this was going on. The attic was built to mimic a balloon and had special compartments both on the inside and the outside that would inflate to save the attic from crumbling into the house if the house was ever damaged. Only, the designer of the house had assumed that if anyone were in the attic when this occurred, they would be the size of adults and not a small girl and an emaciated dog.

So Cecilia and Rocky were swept away by the wind while trapped in the attic/balloon. The wind continued to blow them all across the neighborhood until finally setting them down in the most feared area nearby. The Northwood forest.

The book tells the story of Cecilia and Rocky as they navigate the Northwood forest and discover its secrets.

A quick read that I really enjoyed and highly recommend!


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