May 2014 Book Reviews

Book Review: The Giver


Author: Lois Lowry
Pages: 179
Published: January 24, 2006
Genre: YA, Classics, Science Fiction (Dystopian)
Rating: 5/5

I absolutely loved that book. I can’t believe it took me 23 years to finally read it! 

The story surrounds a young boy named Jonas that is 11. He lives in a town that is extremely structured and essentially everything is decided for him before he is even born. He is eager for the ceremony where he will become a twelve and be given a job assignment that he will do for the rest of his life (if he doesn’t like what they chose he can appeal it though). But he ends up with a special position that no one saw coming.

So the ending was really vague and I decided to look for more information only to learn that there are follow up books to The Giver?? I had no idea! I’m excited for the movie and excited to read the next few books. Definitely give this quick read a 5/5


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