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Book Review: The Feral Child



Author: Che Golden
Pages: 256
Published: June 3, 2014
Genre: YA, Fantasy (Mythology), Paranormal (Fairies)
Rating: 3.5/5

3.5 for this book. I’m torn. I enjoyed it so much up until the big fight scene and then something about the writing seemed off and it took me out of it. The very end was a nice wrap up, but it was that one chapter that just didn’t flow as well as the rest of the story.

Maddy is a girl that lives with her grandparents in Blarney Ireland. She was living in London, but both of her parents were killed in an accident so she moved to Ireland to live with her grandparents. Maddy hasn’t been happy since she’s lived with them. She is constantly being picked on by her cousin Danny and her Aunt seems to think that Maddy can’t do anything right.

Maddy’s grandfather works on the grounds of a castle that Maddy is constantly told to avoid. But since Maddy is tired of being told what to do, she decides to venture into the castle grounds anyway. She is wandering through the woods when she is confronted by a little boy. He refuses to leave her alone and once she tries to get away from him he grabs her arms and won’t let her go. If it weren’t for her dog George knocking the boy over, Maddy would have been kidnapped that night. However, no one seems to believe her and plays off her story as just two kids fighting because she didn’t want to play with him.

That night Maddy awakens to a scratching on her window. She looks out to see where the noise is coming from and is greeted with the face of the little boy she met in the woods. Only something is different about him now. His skin is older, his ears are pointed, he has a snout like nose, and his fingers have long yellow fingernails. He accuses Maddy of Seeing him and says that he is going to make her blind if she doesn’t come with him. When she refuses he seems to change his mind and disappears. Maddy has a feeling that he wouldn’t give up that easily and watches out her window as he kidnaps the little neighbor boy Stephen.

Maddy wakes up her grandparents to tell them what happened but her grandmother plays it off as a nightmare. Her grandfather seems to think otherwise though and goes to the neighbors house just to be safe. It is discovered that Stephen is missing and a search party is created. Maddy is interviewed by a police officer and when she tells him about the little man she saw taking Stephen, everyone thinks she is lying and she is accused of hindering the investigation.

Stephen is suddenly found on the grounds of the castle and everything seems to be back to normal. That is, until Maddy goes to visit Stephen and realizes that while it may look like Stephen to a regular person, Maddy can tell that this little boy in Stephen’s house is an impostor.

The rest of the story follows Maddy and her cousins as they try to save Stephen from the land of ancient evil beings that have been at war with humans for hundreds of years.

I enjoyed this story, but felt that some of the dialogue in the fight scene toward the end wasn’t very well done. I can’t really pinpoint exactly what it was about that scene that took me out of the story, but something wasn’t right. Overall though I did enjoy it.


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