Exciting New Releases! · June 2014 Book Reviews · Series/Trilogies

Book Review: Paradigm


Author: Ceri A. Lowe
Pages: 382
Published: (Expected June 13, 2014)
Genre: YA, Science Fiction (Dystopian), Post-Apocalyptic
Rating: 5/5

An absolutely fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable beginning to what I believe will be a great trilogy.

Alice Davenport is stranded in her flat after the storms hit. Her mother left for work and has yet to come back. Alice knows her mother isn’t going to come back. Water is surrounding her flat and has flooded everything in site. One day Alice is rescued and taken to a large underground bunker owned by Paradigm Industries. She isn’t given very much information about Paradigm Industries, but they have food and clean clothes so she doesn’t really question it.

Alice realizes after being at Paradigm Industries for a while that this place will give her a better life than she ever could have had on the outside with her mother and fully embraces all the necessary changes that Paradigm asks for.

87 years later, Paradigm Industries is still standing and is a fully functioning society. Carter Warren has just awoken from his freeze and is ready to start training to become the Controller General. However, Carter remembers something he was told right before he was put into the freeze; he is a father.

On his journey to find his children Carter discovers more about Paradigm Industries and the life he missed out on while he was in the freeze. He is faced with the task of either continuing on in support of Paradigm Industries or to take a stand and lead the rebels that are fighting to regain control over their own lives.

I really enjoyed this story. It honestly took me a while to get through because I couldn’t stay focused on the book. Not because the story wasn’t interesting, but because I have a billion other books that I’ve been excited to read so I started most of them at the same time. Ceri A. Lowe is a great author and has done a brilliant job of creating yet another dystopian society that we can all fall in love with. I highly recommend this book.


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