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Book Review: One Past Midnight


Author: Jessica Shirvington
Pages: 352
Published: (Expected July 22, 2014)
Genre: YA, Fantasy (Paranormal), Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 5/5

Absolutely fantastic. I’ve never cried reading a book, but came pretty damn close with this one.

Sabine is used to keeping secrets. She’s been keeping a huge one from both of her families her entire life. That secret is…she has two families. Sabine has two separate lives that she alternates in each night. At midnight every night she experiences a shift and either goes to Roxbury where she is Sabine, older sister and goofy goth chick. Or she is Sabine who lives in Wellesley and is one of the popular girls with a boyfriend all the other girls swoon over, Dex.

As Sabine struggles to gain control of at least one of her lives, she realizes that her lives have somehow become separate now that she is 18. Previously whatever she did it one life would transfer to the other, but now she realizes that she can dye her hair, break a bone, etc. in Roxbury without it changing anything in Wellesley.

Sabine is forced to a drastic decision to choose between either her picture perfect life in Wellesley or stay for her younger sister in Roxbury. The choice seems obvious until she meets a guy in Roxbury that changes everything.

This book was incredible. I read it in one day because I had to know what happened next. Jessica Shirvington is a fantastic author that really knows how to rip your heart to pieces and then make everything okay again. 5/5 stars!


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