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Book Review: The Sleeping Dead


Author: Richard Farren Barber
Pages: This is an e-book
Published: (Expected August 12, 2014)
Genre: Adult, Mystery & Thriller
Rating: 4/5

I really enjoyed this novella. It was a great horror story that left you feeling uncomfortable the entire time you were reading it.

Jackson had a job interview for what would hopefully provide a new and satisfying change to his life. On his bus ride to the building where his interview was, Jackson couldn’t help but notice a strange man rocking back and forth and sweating on the bus. The bus came to a sudden stop on the bridge right before the building he was heading to so he decided to get off the bus and walk. He stepped closer to the crowd of people standing on the bridge and realized why everyone was stopped; a man was about to jump off the bridge.

Walking quickly to the building for his interview, Jackson felt a little uneasy but stayed focused on the questions he and his girlfriend Donna had reviewed to help prepare him. During his interview, Jackson had a hard time focusing because one of the interviewers was mimicking the strange behavior of the man on the bus.

Once the interview concluded Jackson headed out to the elevators only to see that same man pressed against the window of the 8th floor that he would hopefully be working on. He approached the man and before he had a chance to really intervene, the man began to slam his head against the glass. Jackson was stunned, realizing that the man was trying to break the window so he could jump. He attempted to subdue the man but this only ends with the man biting Jackson’s hand until he let go. The glass finally broke and the man jumped to his death.

The two suicides Jackson had witnessed within the last hour are nothing compared to what he is about to see.

I gave this novella a 4/5. Another great horror story for summer!


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