June 2014 Book Reviews

Book Review: Cold Calls



Author: Charles Benoit
Pages: 288
Published: April 1, 2014
Genre: YA, Mystery, Thriller, Contemporary
Rating: 4/5

I really enjoyed this story. I was sent this book for review from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and I am very thankful that they gave me the opportunity to review this book and a few others which I’ll be reading soon.

Eric, Shelly, and Fatima have never met. As far as they know they have nothing in common except they were all required to attend a weekend seminar on bullying. Quickly, they all find out that they are there for the same reason; someone was blackmailing them into bullying other kids at their schools.

The mystery person on the phone has something on each of them that requires them to do anything this person asks in order for their secrets to not be shared with their friends and family. Throughout the story they must work together to discover the motives behind this caller and figure out a way to change this person’s mind or destroy the evidence so that their secrets stay safe.

I read this book in one sitting. It was a pretty quick read and the story was compelling enough that I wanted to know what happened next. I couldn’t give the book a full 5/5 because the reason for the blackmail was pretty…eh…But I enjoyed the story enough as a thriller to give it a 4.


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