Exciting New Releases! · June 2014 Book Reviews

Book Review: Valentine Bell: The Golden Year


Author: Rowan Maness
Pages: 183
Published: (Expected June 10, 2014)
Genre: YA, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Rating: 3.5/5

I have to admit that after a while I did enjoy this story. I struggled to get into it at first, but about half way through it I started to feel compelled to find out what would happen next. However, I gave it a 3.5/5 for the same reason that some other people did and that is the fact that the main characters had just turned 13 and were drinking and doing a space drug. They made it a point to censor what the girl said (as part of the story), but she drank beer like it wasn’t a big deal and that kept taking me out of it.

Valentine Bell was an orphan with a strange ability. She had a scar on her arm that seemed to grow with her and that provided luck to anyone that touched it. This ability has gotten her into trouble though. While on board the luxury cruise ship “The Heart of Io” which escorts people between Earth and a planet called Vala, Valentine falls in love with a boy named Orion Sides. Orion is a nice enough kid, but his father is a well known mobster that hustles the passengers and steals everything he can get his hands on.

During a regular game of poker that Orion’s father should have won (since he has every game rigged), his father loses. At first they can’t figure out why until Orion mentions that the only thing different about that game was that Valentine was in the room.

Orion and his father end up using Valentine as a way to steal jewels from the ambassador of the Gaian Union that was going to ask the Valans to join their union (I guess this is kind of like a space version of the UN). Valentine and her best friend Luke must then attempt to get the jewels back and take them to the Valan’s to set things right.

The story was pretty interesting and I think it was set up so that another book could be written as a follow up. Honestly even though I gave it a lower rating, I am definitely interested in reading any books that follow Valentine’s character. Besides the age thing I really did enjoy this story.


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