Exciting New Releases! · June 2014 Book Reviews

Book Review: My Best Friend Death


Author: Michael Anthony
Pages: e-book
Published: June 14, 2014 (First published June 5, 2014)
Genre: YA, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Rating: 3/5

I did enjoy this story, however it felt a little Urkel-ish to me. There were too many times throughout the story where things were finally working out for the main character, only for someone to die or get hurt or blah blah and mess up his life yet again.

Damien Crown was walking with his little brother, Joey, to throw a baseball around when he was hit by a car. Damien was thrown into a tree and died instantly. Death and Life decided to give Damien another chance at life, but he only has one year to live. In order for Damien to do this he had to agree to completely let go of his previous life. He can no longer be Damien Crown and he is not to have any contact with his family.

Damien agrees to this, but can’t stay away from his little brother who he knows is struggling with their alcoholic father. Their father used to be a very happy man, but once his wife died after complications from giving birth he began drinking and emotionally abusing Joey. He always blamed Joey for his wife’s death and while Damien was there to help, he never told Joey that his father was wrong.

Now as Damien (aka King Far) navigates one more year of life he must make the ultimate sacrifice and stay away from Joey who he knows is hurting and try to accept that fact that he will forever be known as King, younger brother of Kaiden (aka Death).

This story was really interesting and I loved the snarky-ness of Death’s character. Had there not been constantly things going wrong for Damien throughout the book, I think I would have enjoyed it more. Even up until the very last few pages there were still events happening to screw with Damien’s life. And while it sort of needed to happen in order for the last sentence of the book to make sense, I felt like it probably could have done without a few of the chapters.


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