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Book Review: The Boy Who Drew Monsters


Author: Keith Donohue
Pages: 288
Published: (Expected October 7, 2014)
Genre: Adult Fiction, Horror
Rating: 5/5

I really really enjoyed this story. I’ve never read anything quite like it and I feel like it was pretty innovative for a new horror novel.

Jack Peter, aka J.P or Jip, almost drowned when he was just seven. He had been playing on the beach with his best friend Nick when the two of them wandered into the water. Before their parents had a chance to realize what they were doing, both boys were under the water.

Ever since that day, Jack has been terrified of the outside. He refuses to go outdoors unless someone forces him to and has intense anxiety attacks when outside. Jack has always been different, but ever since that day on the beach something has changed in him. Jack has become obsessed with drawing monsters. Every day he draws terrifying creatures that he says are in his mind. He is afraid of them coming to get him, but continues to draw. He forces his friend Nick to draw with him as well.

Jack’s parents begin to hear and see strange things on the property surrounding their dream house. His mother becomes obsessed with the tale of a shipwreck that took place right outside their home and starts hearing the voices of the passengers aboard the ship at night.

Jack’s father is driving Nick home one day when he sees a man with all white skin standing in the middle of the road. That day begins a horrific new series of events for Jack and his parents that seems impossible, but is very real.

Plenty of twists to the plot with a very strong ending. Keith Donohue did an excellent job of wrapping up an intense new horror novel in a way that left me feeling very satisfied with the plot. Absolutely earned a 5/5.


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