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Book Review: Oliver and the Seawigs


Author: Philip Reeve (Illustrated by Sarah McIntyre)
Pages: 195
Published: (Expected July 22, 2014)
Genre: Children’s (Middle Grade), Adventure, Fantasy
Rating: 4/5

A very quick but enjoyable read!

Oliver is a ten year old boy that has had a very full life. As the child of two explorer parents, Oliver has traveled all over the world! Recently though, his parents realized that there was nowhere left for them to explore so they decided to move back into the home they had owned, but rarely lived in along with their son.

Once arriving at the family home, they noticed something strange in the water surrounding it. There were a bunch of new islands that had yet to be explored! Oliver’s parents left Oliver to unpack his room while they went in a small boat to explore the islands. After a while of unpacking Oliver realized that he hadn’t heard from his parents and decided to look out the window. What he saw would have upset a regular kid, but not Oliver since he was used to adventures.

All of the islands except for one small one were gone! His parents were nowhere to be seen and the small boat that they had left in was now floating nearby in the water. Determined to get his parents back Oliver took the boat and rowed to the small island where he befriended “a grumpy albatross [and] a nearsighted mermaid.” Oliver and his new friends set off to find his parents while aboard the small island which turned out to be a living creature!

This was a really short and fun read for a Saturday afternoon. I was pre-approved to read this for review from NetGalley and I’m so glad that I read it! A solid 4/5.


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