Book Review: Doppelganger


Author: Milda Harris
Pages: 206
Published: November 11, 2012 (First published July 29, 2012)
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Rating: 4/5

A super quick read that I really enjoyed!

Citrus was over an hour late to school. She somehow overslept even though she’s never been late for anything. Worried about being late to her World History exam, she rode her bike the few miles to school and ran to the office to get a late pass, but the secretary seemed confused when checking the attendance sheet.

In too much of a hurry to pay attention to anything but getting to her test, Citrus ignored the secretary’s confusion and ran to class. But what she saw when she got there was nothing she was expecting. She was already in the classroom taking her test.

How could she have been late to school…but also be taking a test at the same time? Confronted in the hallway by a boy she’s had a crush on forever, Citrus realized that something strange is happening. Now she knows that she isn’t the only one with a double somehow.

Citrus must uncover the secrets behind the Doppelganger’s taking over the school and try to save herself and her friends at the same time.

This was book one and I really enjoyed it. I’m very excited to read the next one!


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