Book Review: My Haunted House (Araminta Spookie #1)


Author: Angie Sage & Jimmy Pickering (Illustrator)
Pages: 160
Published: August 1, 2006 (First published October 6, 1994)
Genre: Children’s, Paranormal, Fantasy, Humor, Adventure
Rating: 4/5

Araminta Spookie live with her Aunt Tabby and Uncle Drac. Uncle Drac likes to sleep during the day in a sleeping bag that hangs from the ceiling along with his bats. Aunt Tabby can’t stop cleaning their giant house and is getting fed up with it. After cleaning for the last time, Aunt Tabby decides that she is going to sell their home so they can live somewhere newer that will be easier to take care of.

Araminta is determined to not let this happen. Araminta has a lot of adventures left to begin and refuses to allow their house to be sold without any input from her or Uncle Drac. She develops a plan called the Awful Ambush that she will use against anyone that is interested in buying their home in order to scare them away. While preparing for her Awful Ambush, Araminta discovers a little boy ghost named Edmund. Edmund used to work for Sir Horace, a suit of armor that Araminta always thought was a rust bucket and not a real person. Sir Horace, Edmund, and Araminta must work together to keep their home from being sold!

This was a quick and fun read. A great beginning to a kids series that I will definitely be continuing to read. I have the next three books in the series and will be reading and reviewing them soon!


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