Book Reviews: Vampire Brat & Ghostsitters (Araminta Spookie #4 & #5)



Author: Angie Sage
Pages: 208 & 214
Published: September 1, 2007 & September 1, 2008
Genre: Children’s, Fantasy, Humor, Paranormal
Rating: 5/5 & 4/5

Vampire Brat In book 4 of the Araminta Spookie series, Uncle Drac’s mother shows up with two of her great-cousins, Max and Mahtilda. Max is going to stay with Araminta for a while which would normally be great since Wanda and Max are already getting along, the only problem is that Araminta is convinced Max is a dangerous Vampire. On top of now having a vampire living in her home, Araminta has encountered a werewolf in the home and no one believes her! She must come up with a plan to capture both the vampire and the werewolf before anyone gets hurt.

Ghostsitters In the final book of the Araminta Spookie series, Araminta and Wanda are going to be left home alone while all the adults go on a tour of a bat cave. Originally, Uncle Drac’s creepy mother was supposed to come babysit but she no longer can make it. So Mahtilda decides to do it instead, but she doesn’t come alone. Along with her she brought two ghosts, Ned and Jed, that follow her everywhere. Her parents are ghost removers and they removed Ned and Jed (two poltergeists) from a home after Mahtilda explained to them that haunting that house would be boring. Now Ned and Jed go everywhere with her and she can’t get rid of them. Ned and Jed begin harassing Sir Horace to the point that he informs everyone that is will no longer be staying at Spookie House. Araminta and Wanda have to do whatever it takes to get Sir Horace to stay in Spookie House before it is too late! On top of everything else, Araminta’s birthday is coming up and no one seems to care (except Uncle Drac of course)!

This series was super fun and I read all the books fairly quickly. I definitely enjoyed Angie Sage’s writing and will be reading more of her stuff soon! I enjoyed Vampire Brat a little more than Ghostsitters so I gave that one a 5/5.


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