Vacation & Ramblings!

Well hi there world!

So at the end of this week (the 25th of July) I will be heading to Canada for vacation!!! While there, I won’t have access to any form of internet and won’t be able to post reviews. So expect an influx of reviews when I get back the first week of August. 

Random Updates:

I created an email address strictly for my book blogging stuff (abibliophilesjourney@yahoo.com). I will be linking up that email address to my book stuff pretty soon (i.e. goodreads, etc.).

So how do I decide what to review?

Well, honestly it just has to sound interesting to me. My absolute favorite genre’s (and the fastest way for me to pick up a book) are all adult sub-genre’s. Specifically, horror is my absolute favorite. No matter what I’m reading, if I find a horror novel that sounds interesting I’ll stop whatever I’m reading and read that instead. Following horror I also love crime thrillers, true crime, science fiction, and fantasy. 

Have a book you want reviewed? 

No problem!! Send me a message with the synopsis and I’ll more than likely agree to review it. 

How often do you review books?

Well, as often as possible. I am constantly reading, but something I get really lazy and don’t post reviews as soon as I finish a book. Like right now for instance, I’m a few reviews behind. BEH.

Where do you post reviews?

For the most part I post three different places: Goodreads, this blog, and my booktube channel (ABibliophilesJourney). I am more than happy to post reviews on Amazon as well, I typically just forget to do that.

I see that you get a lot of books to review from NetGalley, but don’t explicitly say that. How come?

This is a tiny pet peeve of mine. A lot of the time I see on blog posts a phrase like “I got this book in exchange for an honest review” or something along those lines. I don’t typically say anything like that because it seems like a no-brainer to me that you would be posting a review for a book that was honest. If I don’t like a book, I will say so. If I do like it, I will say so. No matter what I read or how I get the book, my review will always be honest because to do anything otherwise would be a disservice to yourself and the author of the book.

Okey doker! That’s all I can think to post right now. Have a great weekend!


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