August 2014 Book Reviews · Exciting New Releases! · Series/Trilogies

Book Review: The House of the Four Winds (One Dozen Daughters #1)

Author: Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory
Pages: 304
Published: August 5, 2014
Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Pirates
Rating: 4.5/5

Loved this book so much!!

The House of the Four Winds told the story of Princess Clarice Swann as she begins her travels to the New World. She disguised herself as Clarence Swann in order to board the ship and befriends the ships navigator, Dominick. Throughout the story Clarice fights with her feelings for Dominick and has to decide if and when she will tell him the truth about herself.

Clarice knew she would be in for some adventures while aboard the ship, but she never expected to become a pirate! Follow Clarice as she learns the ways of pirate life and battles the sorceress Shamal for control of Dominick and the crew.



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