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Serial Review: Mr .44 Magnum (DeadEarth Episode 1)

Author: Michael Athony
Pages: 44
Published: August 31, 2014
Genre: Short Stories, Post Apocalyptic
Rating: 4.5/5

DeadEarth: Episode 1 was a fantastic start to an eerily written dystopian serial. I was approached by the author for an honest review and could not be more thrilled about what I just read.

Rikka, Shade, and Lou are three sisters attempting to survive in a world that is literally dying around them. After their mother left them and their father went missing, the three girls were left to fend for themselves. One night Rikka and Shade heard someone moving around outside. Rikka instructed Shade to run and hide in the bunker below their stairs while she went to grab their youngest sister Lou. After living in the bunker for a while, Shade became stir crazy and decided to see if it was safe to come out.

Finding the house inhabited by strangers, Rikka and Shade attempted to take control of the situation and kill off anyone they could find only to be confronted with a man with a .44 now living in their home.

I blew through Episode 1 in a half hour because I could not stop reading it. The writing was strong without trying too hard and the author was able to adequately convey the three main characters personalities while setting the stage for a very creepy serial in less than 50 pages. I look forward to reading more!


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