September 2014 Book Reviews · Series/Trilogies

Book Review: The Anatomist’s Apprentice (Dr. Thomas Silkstone #1)

Author: Tessa Harris
Pages: 310
Published: January 2012 (First Published January 1, 2011)
Genre: Adult, Mystery, Historical Fiction
Rating: 4/5

I listened to the audiobook of this novel through Overdrive. It was the first audiobook that I ever listened to and I really enjoyed it.

Book one of the Dr. Thomas Silkstone series is a strong beginning to an interesting main character. An anatomist, Dr. Silkstone, must uncover who killed Sir Edward Crick and why. Placed in the late 1800s, The Anatomist’s Apprentice created a fun and enjoyable Victorian-esque crime thriller that I enjoyed.

Tessa Harris provided so many twists and turns along the way that I never knew who was going to be accused of murder next and in the end left me completely surprised at who had killed Edward Crick.

Believeable and entertaining, I will definitely be following along with this character through the next couple books.


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