Book Review: The Ghost Hunters

Author: Neil Spring
Pages: 513
Published: October 2013
Genre: Adult, Horror, Mystery
Rating: 5/5

The Ghost Hunters is a fictional memoir of Sarah Grey, assistant to one of the most renowned ghost hunters in all of England, Harry Price. Sarah began working as a model, but changed careers to become a secretary for Mr. Price.

Mr. Price receives tons of letters and inquiries asking for his assistance in investigating supposed haunted houses. After experiencing his own losses, Harry Price went from complete believer to one of the most die-hard skeptics of paranormal activity. Known for uncovering fake psychics, Sarah has witnessed first hand the lengths Harry will go to, even against a friend, in order to ensure that the truth is upheld.

After receiving a letter from a frantic journalist who had visited the Borley Rectory, Sarah presents the case to Harry but is ignored. Later, Harry is again approached about the presence of paranormal activity within the Borley Rectory and agrees to investigate. Thus begins the most trying few years of Sarah’s life as she accompanies Harry through the Borley Rectory multiple times while coping with the loss of her father and attempting to protect her grief stricken mother.

This is definitely a novel that the reader should go into without having much background on the plot. The Ghost Hunters was a beautifully written and eerie novelization of the events at the Borley Rectory and the life of Harry Price. I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this novel and while it did take about 150 pages for the plot to really pick up, I was creeped out multiple times in the beginning.

Neil Spring did an excellent job of bringing the Borley Rectory to life for the reader in a way that leaves you very unsettled after finishing the story. A must read for any horror buff.


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