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Book Review: Copyright

Author: Lori Lesko
Pages: 276
Published: April 4, 2014
Genre: Adult, Fiction, LGBT, Thriller
Rating: 5/5

This book. Guys. This. Freakin. Book. I have so many thoughts on this book that I’m not even sure if I can accurately type them all out.

Amber Tyler is a 39 year old mother of two currently working on what she hopes will be her next big novel. But her plans change drastically after she has a “widow maker” heart attack and relapses into her old drug habits. To top it all off, her work is stolen and published under a different name.

This novel had so many insane twists and turns that I had no idea where it was going next. There was so much about this novel, even down to the cover design, that I absolutely loved. This quickly jumped up to the top of my favorite reads of 2014 list and I can’t wait to read more from this author.

I immediately connected with the story as soon as the author began describing the “widow maker” heart attack. I’m all too familiar with that as my father had one in 1994 and thankfully survived. The odds are never great when someone has this particular heart attack, as can be guessed from the name. My grandfather and great grandfather both died from that so when my dad had one no one was sure what would happen.

The realities of addiction and even the court system were explored beautifully in this novel. I enjoyed every second of this story and loved the ending. The author did a fantastic job of keeping me engaged while not providing a “perfect” ending that wouldn’t have fit the main character. Absolutely deserves a 5/5.


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