December 2014 Reviews · Exciting New Releases!

Book Review: Inked

Author: Eric Smith
Pages: e-book
Published: (Expected January 20, 2015)
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Magic
Rating: 4/5

Caenum is on the run. He will be turning 18 in a few days and as a result will receive his Ink. Most people are excited to receive their Ink, but not Caenum. He is afraid the Ink will be wrong and his life will be ruined.

After confronting one of the Scribes that has come to town to provide Ink for all those coming of age, everything turns upside down. His family, friends, and hometown will never be the same and it all ties back to Caenum.

Somehow Caenum is now in charge of escorting the Scribe who he punched to a safe land before the guards from the Citadel get ahold of them both. Join Caenum, his best friend Dreya, and Kenzi the Scribe as they uncover the magic within themselves and fight to save everything they live for.

This is the new YA fantasy novel from the awesome Eric Smith from Quirk Books. I received an e-ARC for review from NetGalley and devoured this book in less than two days.

I rated this novel a 4/5 for a few reasons. One being that the story was awesome. Also I really enjoyed the world building, was easily engaged in the story, and felt connected to the characters.

However, I did have some minor (albeit nit-picky) problems with the story. For one, one of the main plot points was somewhat cliche. I predicted it would happen from the get-go and unfortunately it did. Also, some of the dialogue seemed more like a Disney movie than anything else.

BUT! I loved it regardless. Even though it was predictable and the dialogue seemed cheesy at times, I needed to know what would happen next and could easily see this becoming a kickass YA fantasy series.

Eric Smith’s world building was incredibly enjoyable and he developed one of my favorite characters that I’ve read about so far in 2014, Tabor. I highly recommend that anyone that is a fan of fantasy novels or magic should pick this up. This book will be released in January of 2015 and I’m absolutely putting in on my To-Buy list 🙂


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