Book Review: Obscura


Author: Joe Hart
Pages: 348 (ebook)
Published: May 8, 2018
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Sci Fi
Rating:  5/5

I received this one for review from NetGalley.

Dr. Gillian Ryan has had a rough few years. After her husband developed a new pervasive form of dementia called Losian’s (which has no set age of onset) they got into a car accident that severely damaged her leg and led to her current addiction to painkillers. On top of that, her husband passed away shortly after their daughter was born (who now also has Losian’s) and now she found out her funding for Losian’s research is being cut. Basically everything sucks for Gillian. That is, until an old college friend reappears in her life and offers her a position with NASA that could change everything but would require she leave her daughter for at least six months. Gillian has to decide if the promise of funding for her research is worth the precious time spent away from her daughter who could pass away at any moment.

This one was all over the place (in a really good way). Working in Gerontology I fully went into this one expecting to hate a horror story written about dementia. But Joe Hart did such a fantastic job of not only taking the real emotions that come with dementia (loss, anger, fear, frustration, helplessness) and created a world where people actually care about it (more than just those that work in the field and those with family members that have it). I found myself fully invested in Gillian’s story and needed to know what the hell was going to happen next to her. The entire time I was playing guessing games with myself to determine what could possibly go wrong next and was pleasantly surprised to be wrong every time! It’s always a bummer when a story is predictable and this one wasn’t at all.

I highly recommend this one for horror fans. It had just the right amount of WTF moments mixed with reality to make it truly terrifying at times. An excellent read.



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