Book Review: The Halloween Children


Author: Brian James Freeman & Norman Prentiss
Pages: 189
Published: October 2014
Genre: Horror, Holiday>Halloween, Paranormal
Rating:  3.5/5

I received this one for review from NetGalley.

Harris loves both his kids. Whether or not his wife believes him is another story. He works as the handyman for the Stillbrook Apartment complex where they all live while his wife works from home offering tech support. Their two kids couldn’t be more different from each other. Mattie (Matt) is meticulous, considerate, and inquisitive. He takes his time, keeps to himself and asks a lot of questions and it’s pretty clear that he is Harris’ favorite. Amber is outgoing, creative, and messy. Her and her mother stick together more often than not. Even though Harris and his wife aren’t getting along anymore, at least their kids are happy…right?

The closer it gets to Halloween the more frustrating the apartment manager becomes. Now she has decided that any celebration is going to be considered a liability and has asked Harris to distribute fliers around the complex letting everyone know. This wouldn’t have been such a big deal if his wife hadn’t decided that she needed to spy on the kids after a recent incident and if the neighbor who he can’t stand wasn’t picking right this second to ask him for favors. All he needs to do is make it through Halloween night and then everything can go back to normal.

This one was weird. Good weird. But also really graphic. I would have given it a higher rating if it weren’t for an entire section of the book being dedicated to talking negatively about someone that may or may not have had a disability. That part was kind of a let down. I don’t think that it really added anything to the story and honestly it would have been a stronger story without it.

Overall I thought it was really creepy. I love the idea of not knowing whether or not the kids can be trusted and of course anything written about Halloween is going to be fun to read.

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