Book Review: The Night Sister


Author: Jennifer McMahon
Pages: 322
Published: August 4, 2015
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Fantasy
Rating:  4/5

I received this one for review from NetGalley.

Amy, Piper and Margot used to be best friends. That is, until something happened in the summer of 1989 that caused Amy to begin ignoring them. Up until that point the three were inseparable and could be found hanging out on the property of the Tower Motel which was once a thriving motel off route 6. Now as adults, Piper and Margot (sisters) haven’t spoken to Amy in decades and don’t really consider her a part of their lives anymore until Piper receives a call from Margot stating that Amy was found dead along with her husband and son and that Amy is the only suspect. Forced to confront old demons, Piper and Margot must go back through their years with Amy to determine what really happened the night she was killed and figure out if it has any relation to what caused them to stop talking back in 1989.

This is my second novel from Jennifer McMahon and she’s quickly becoming one of my favorite horror authors. Her books have a slow burn and are more atmospheric than anything else, but overall I think I prefer that with her storytelling. You become enthralled in the lives of the characters and need to know what is going on that is making everything so messed up. I thought I had this one figured out a few times but was wrong each time. I was surprised by the outcome of The Night Sister and I’m still not sure if I love it, but it was entertaining.


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