#25DaysofIndie Winners!

Howdy!! So since I’m away with family I can’t film any videos for Day 25 but figured I could at least make a blog post!

Here are the winners of my giveaways (I will contact you through youtube or twitter to let you know if you won):

Day 1: Soul Keep Series
Physical Copy: AshleyReads
Ebooks: Mistral Dawn & Musicbookoholic

Day 4: Witch in the Woods
Physical: Rebecca Gatzlaff
Ebook: Musicbookoholic

Day 5: Crown of Stones
Physical: Musicbookoholic

Day 6: Saving Yesterday
Ebooks: AshleyReads & Mistral Dawn

Day 9: Crystal Deception
Physical: Musicbookoholic & Mistral Dawn

Day 10: Shadow Rises
Physical & Ebook Combo: Musicbookoholic

Day 11: Seed
Physical: AshleyReads
Ebook: Mistral Dawn

Day 19: The Golden Merra
Physical: Musicbookoholic
Ebook: Mistral Dawn

There have been some repeats in winners because the same few people entered to win most of them. Congrats winners!!!!

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